Prescott Expects More From Himself

Mississippi State senior signal caller Dak Prescott may be his own worst critic. The talented quarterback is not one to rest on his laurels or past accomplishments. With his fifth and final spring in Starkville well under way, #15 knows the routine. The Louisiana native also knows that the strides taken in spring practice bring success on Autumn Saturdays.

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With the departure of fan favorite Jameon Lewis and a spring football ailment to Gabe Myles, many are curious about which passing targets are taking a step forward during the practice sessions. Prescott was eager to share his thoughts about newcomers Deddrick Thomas, Malik Dear and Donald Gray.

"They're young guys, but they're willing to learn. They're willing to come out," Prescott explained. "They give great effort. We are trying to teach them to give more. When they're tired, they may think they are giving all that they can, but not all they have. We are just trying to make sure that we push them to be sure that they continue to grow and get better as players."

Prescott believes that the collection of pass catchers on the 2015 roster may prove to be even deeper than the cast of wide outs he threw to a season ago.

"They are tough all the way throughout," Prescott said. "From the guys you just named to the guys who have been here like Bear Wilson, Fred Brown, Fred Ross, we have a great, great bunch of weapons. Joe Morrow and you can name them all, especially when you name the tight ends."

Fred Ross has begun to realize his potential and take a step forward as one of the Bulldogs' most dependable and explosive receivers. Prescott has enjoyed seeing the maturation process take place. The pair has developed a solid rapport during the off season.

"That is something that came immediately following the season," Prescott said. "Me, him and Fred Brown have been working our butts off and making sure we understand each other and just getting the timing right to feel comfortable with everything."

Another player taking a step forward this spring in Prescott's eyes has been tight end Darrion Hutcherson who should be a solid weapon in the red zone for the Bulldog offense.

"He's a big guy. I don't think anybody is going to be able to jump with him," Prescott said. "When you throw the ball up high, especially in the red zone, that is the best situation to use him. We just have to be sure he brings some of those balls down and just get better. He should be a great target down there for us."

Redshirt freshman Jesse Jackson was one of the heroes of last Saturday's scrimmage game. The Petal, Mississippi native netted over 100 yards receiving. Prescott reports that the talented frosh should contribute this season.

"He comes in and gets better every single day," Prescott said of Jackson. "He gets there hours before the scrimmage to make sure he's improving and getting his body ready to go. He is going to be a big time player for us this fall."

In addition to several new passing options, Prescott has a new blind side protecter in Rufus Warren who is running first team in the left tackle spot vacated by departed senior Blaine Clausell.

"He's doing good. He was a tight end with good feet, so I think it's been an easy transition for him," Prescott said. "He's been doing a good job and he's going against some great defensive linemen in A.J. (Jefferson) and Ryan Brown. There just all making each other better.

Four year starter Dillon Day is also gone from his anchor position at center. The next man up has been Jamaal Clayborn who appears to be developing a rhythm with snap battery mate Prescott.

"He is coming along," Prescott said of Clayborn. "We're getting more comfortable with each other and with the protections and assignments. We're just getting on the same page and it feels more comfortable."

The puzzle pieces are beginning to settle into place around him, so Prescott is becoming more comfortable with his supporting cast. While they are looking to round into starting form, Prescott is pushing himself to be the best player and leader he can be for his team.

"I feel like I am getting better each and every day," Prescott said. "Maybe coming off today's practice isn't the best day to ask me, because it wasn't very good. I am not sure I could give it a grade, but I know I am not where I want to be. I am making progress and I am getting there."

See more of Prescott's post practice comments in the attached video.

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