A Q&A With D-Lineman Torrey Dale

Mississippi State junior defensive lineman Torrey Dale talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

Senior defensive lineman Ryan Brown said he is seeing a different Torrey Dale this year. He is very proud of what he is seeing from you. What is the difference in your this spring compared to last year?
"I really took it upon myself to put more into it because I knew I had more in the tank to give. This spring I was working with Ryan during the off-season. I just took it upon myself to give all that I could."

What led you to do that?
"It was a sense of maturing and realizing what I wanted to do. It took longer than some for me to really mature and realize that I needed to work at it."

What are your goals for the team this coming season?
"Of course, we want to have a great team and win games and have the best season that we can. We want people to say that they are one of the toughest teams that they played."

What are your goals individually?
"Individually, I would like to make an impact, give to everybody around me."

Preston Smith was a three-star recruit coming out of high school. Then, he had a great season. Was that motivation for you?
"Of course. I saw him working and I saw the things that came to him due to him putting in that hard work. Also, my roommate was Benardrick McKinney. And I saw similar things from him. Seeing them work for it, seeing that it wasn't just given to them, I think I just decided to flip the switch and go after it."

Another example similar to Preston is Dak Prescott, a good friend of yours who was also a three-star recruit in high school. What have you learned from him?
"You surround yourself with people who are on the same path as you. We might be sitting around playing Call of Duty but at the same time we are constantly talking football. Constantly talking ball, ball, ball. They'll tell you things that help you beat certain things or give you tips. Being around guys like that who have great aspirations and want to make it really helps you reach your maximum potential. And they constantly want to work. And hanging around with them you also want to work. They push me and, hopefully, I push them."

What kind of potential do you believe that you have?
"I think I can be a great player. And it is really on me to put in the work to achieve that. I want to give it my all. But to do that, it will take everybody around me for me to achieve that."

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