A Q&A With QB Nick Fitzgerald

Mississippi State redshirt freshman quarterback Nick Fitzgerald talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

How did the spring game go for you?
"I got to (play) behind the first offensive line, which was really great. I had a lot of time to throw the ball, a lot of time to read defenses, that kind of thing. The receivers were working for me, the running backs were running hard. I didn't have to do much."

I don't remember you playing behind the first unit offensive line much during spring practices. Did you get to play behind them much prior to today?
"I got maybe four or five reps behind them all spring. I'm glad I got to work with them today."

How do you think you have improved since you first got to MSU?
"I think (knowing my) fundamentals is the biggest thing. I came in working on my footwork. My elbow has been getting me into a little trouble. I had to fight through that. And I think I did an ok job. Really, commanding the offense (better) in my second spring, having a lot more knowledge of it. I should be ok being a leader our there now."

You mentioned this was your second spring. How valuable was it for you to go through a spring prior to your true freshman season?
"I may have missed my senior prom the day of the spring game but I would much rather have been in Davis Wade Stadium learning my offense and getting to know my guys for the next year. It has been huge for me. I have another four years here and I think it is really going to help me out."

You have already gone through two springs and a full season and you still have your entire four-year career ahead of you. That must be exciting to think about?
"It is great. I am excited for the future."

Now that you have gone through the two spring and the season do you feel like you understand the offense?
"There is always more to learn. Dak (Prescott) had been here five years and I think he has just now got a firm grasp of it. I have a lot of work to do but I'm staring to get it."

How much has Dak helped you?
"He is a great leader and a great role model. Any chance he has to help me, any time I have a question, he will always be there to help me out."

What do you plan on doing the remainder of the spring and the summer to help your game?
"Studying and watching film and getting mentally prepared. I think I am still mentally behind and I need to get there."

What is your height and weight?
"I'm 6-5, 232."

Are you where you want to be weight-wise?
"Yes sir. I keep my speed and have a little weight on me."

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