A Q&A With WR De'Runnya Wilson

Mississippi State junior wide receiver De'Runnya Wilson talks to the media after the spring football game.

Talk about your (spring game performance).
"I came out tried to give great effort and put my team on my back, basically get my job done."

Do you feel like you were able to do that?
"Partially. I had a couple of missed assignments. They came with some different coverages that I wasn't familiar with. But I'll get better."

Compare this receiving group to what the receiving group was like when you first got here.
"We have gotten better. Guys who have come in are trying to learn. Guys like Donald Gray, Malik Dear, Deddrick Thomas are doing very well. The kind of coach that we have will push us to the limit, they'll be ready."

You talked about the early enrollees and how they have gotten into the system and learn the offense.
"(Mississippi State Wide receivers) Coach (Billy) Gonzales is going to get the best out of you. When he recruited you to come play SEC football you have to live up to that hype. That is what those guys have been doing throughout the whole spring. I keep telling them everyday to keep working and if you are going to mess up be going at 100 miles per hour when you mess up. That is how you are going to win the battles and get yourself on the field."

When you go against an inexperienced corner like Jamoral Graham do your eyes kind of light up and you want to take advantage of that situation?
"When I realized that he was playing corner we had a talk and I told him I would help him get better. And he played receiver. You just have to learn the techniques. Us working together will only make him a better (football player) and make me a better (football player)."

There is a lot of talent among the receivers. Does that help you to have them around you and are they helped by having you around them?
"Our whole receiving corps, we feed off of each other. One guy makes a big play, the other guys. The chemistry that we have is so much bigger than the quarterback and center relationship. It's just different."

We talk to Dak Prescott about how important is it to him to have a threat on the opposite side of the field from you. How important is it to you to have that threat on the other side of the field?
"Knowing that I have guys on the other side of the field who can get their job done is important. And having that trust with Dak (Prescott) is how you are going to be able to get on the field. Everybody has to be able to communicate and be on the same accord."

You were held back for a big portion of the spring due to your health. Dak said you two had a conversation and wanted to finish the spring strong. What was that conversation like?
"I have to learn to play fast. I'm still learning and developing as a receiver. I'm trying to set a standard and reach that standard. And having a guy like Dak Prescott will only make me a better person on and off the field. (But) it is basically play fast and stop thinking when I'm running and do the little things first."

You mentioned setting a higher standard. A year ago you would have probably been ecstatic about your stats. Now you are pointing out things that you did wrong. Is that part of your maturing?
"Yeah, it is part of it big-time. I'm trying to set an example for those guys who have just come in, Malik, Deddrick and Donald. l feel like if I go hard and teach them how to go hard, on and off the field, that can help them get on the right path to having (a) successful football (career)."

You are entering your third year and I believe The Sporting News listed you as one of the top five wide receivers in the country. So, people know who you are now. Now that people know who De'Runnya Wilson is how do you deal with having that target on your back?
"I didn't know that. It's a blessing, I can say that. My work ethic, how I develop my craft and maximize my craft will make me a better football player."

Talk about Nick Fitzgerald. He had a great spring. Did you two have something going on the field.
"Fitz is a great quarterback. I told him that all spring. Sometimes we have little situational drives and the (twos) might not get as far as the (ones). But I tell Fitz to keep the twos up. We might not get as far but he and the twos can come out and pick up where we left off. Fitz understands that and that will make him a better quarterback. "

From your vantage point having a guy like Fred Ross in the slot and having Gus Walley as a real threat downfield (at the tight end position), how much does that open up the air game this year?
"It opens it up a lot. But first we have to control the line of scrimmage so Dak can have that confidence to throw the ball."

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