A Q&A With LB Gerri Green

Mississippi State redshirt freshman linebacker Gerri Green talks to the media after the spring game.

Gerri, talk about how you think your day was (in the spring game)?
"I felt like I had a pretty good day today. I tried to execute what we had been learning all spring."

Do you feel like you are ready to step into your role in the linebacker rotation?
"Yeah, I think I am ready to step up and back up Richie (Brown) with the twos.I am comfortable at that position right now. I just have to keep learning."

You had an interception today. What did you read on the play?
"It was a drill that we do all of the time. When I turned around it was right there. I just had to hold onto it. It was a nice play and I felt good about it."

Coach Mullen touted you on last year's signing day. How have you handled the expectations that were put on you?
"Just worked hard. I don't think about it that much. I just come out here and give my best effort."

How often did you talk to Benardrick McKinney about your position?
"Anytime I am around him we always talk football. We talk about positions, different plays, different teams. It is an everyday conversation with me and him."

What did you learn the most from the conversations that you had with him?
"Just that experience is the best teacher. Everything will come up over time. I can't expect to know everything right then. The more I do it, the better I will get."

Have you had to break any (bad) habits or was it easier because you haven't been in the program as long as the other guys?
"A little bit here and there. I still have a few bad habits from high school that I had to break. Over time, I need to get better here and there."

Have you had to change your approach under Coach Diaz?
"No, we are still an aggressive and physical defense like we were last year. We are still attacking the ball, making big plays. That is still our mentality. We are just trying to be better than last year."

What can you do during the summer to get yourself ready for the season?
"Work harder than last year's team. They put in a lot of hard work. I was there. I am happy for their results last year. Now, we have to come back and work even harder than last year's team."

How comfortable are you working with Richie (Brown) and Beniquez (Brown)?
"Very comfortable. I trust those guys. I know they know what they are doing. It makes me feel more comfortable and takes a lot off of me."

What was it like redshirting?
"You are anxious. You sit back for a year and watch the games. You want to be out there. When it is your time you have to make the most out of it."

What was the biggest thing that you took from the redshirt year?
"The weight room and the film room were the biggest. I got a lot of time to develop my body. And in the film room I was able to come back after each game and watch the mistakes and good things the other players did who played my position. It helped me a lot."

How anxious are you for the season to start?
"I am going to be anxious. It was a big spring and will be a big summer and I hope I will have a big fall."

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