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Shades Valley All-Stater Keith Mixon spent last weekend on the campus of his future college home, Mississippi State. The versatile Mixon made the rounds and saw players, coaches and fellow signees during his time on campus. While just being there was half the fun, Mixon kept his eyes trained on several Bulldog players during the annual Maroon and White game.

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"I had a great time," Mixon said of the day in Starkville. "I thought we looked really good on offense and I really liked what they did with the slot receivers. They found the way to get them the ball. They ran a lot of swing passes and ran some jet sweeps.

"I was really watching all of that since that is the position that I am going to playing this year."

Mixon paid special attention to signing class mate and friend, Deddrick Thomas who enrolled at Mississippi State in January.

"I was really watching Deddrick," Mixon said. "I talk to him all of the time. I asked him about how much different than it is in high school. He said that everybody there is fast and strong, so you have to really adjust to that.

"He said that the play calling and all of that is a lot like what we do in high school, but they call it all something different in college. He said that it takes some getting used to, but a lot of the plays are like what we've run before.

"The main thing he said is that you have to ready to work and that you have to get stronger to be ready to play on the college level."

Mississippi State has made more of an effort to attract players with the ability to graduate early and enroll in January to take part in spring practice. Mixon will be graduating this spring, but he does not have any real regrets about not being there in Starkville already.

"I would have loved to have enrolled early," Mixon said. "I feel like I would have learned some things that would have helped me get ready for the season, but I am not that worried about that.

"I have been able to be here and sort of be a regular student for a while. I just had prom last night and I have been able to run track and I would have missed those things I had enrolled early.

"There are good things and bad things about it all, but I feel good about how things worked out. I am a hard worker, so I know that I will get caught up with everything once I get up there this summer."

Sitting in the Davis Wade Stadium sun, Mixon was hit with the epiphany that soon he will no longer be a spectator when the Bulldogs take the field.

"It's really starting to sink in with me," Mixon said. "I am ready to get up there. I have worked for this my whole life and now it's all about to happen. It is going to be here before I know it. I don't have much school left and than I am graduating on like May 21st. After that, I will be getting ready to move over to Mississippi State and begin school. "

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