Coach Brown-Lemm And Seniors Talk NCAA

Mississippi State head women's coach Ginger Brown-Lemm and seniors Rica Tse and Ally McDonald talk about their upcoming appearance in the NCAA Regional in North Carolina.

Senior Rica Tse

What are your thoughts about going to North Carolina?
"We actually had a feeling that we were going to go there. It works out perfect there. We like the climate there."

There are a lot of SEC teams in post-season. Talk about that.
"The SEC is a really strong conference. So, we expected a lot of SEC teams in the same area."

Senior Ally McDonald

You played at North Carolina recently. Talk about going back.
"I played there for the USA women's open qualifier. In year's past, I have I had a really good experience there. I think we are really excited. That was one of the regionals that we were really excited about."

Talk about the familiarity of having so many SEC teams in the region.
"I think we are going to be in a good atmosphere. We are used to that because no matter where we go there are going to be SEC teams there because we are such a stacked conference. So, we are not really shocked that LSU and South Carolina will be there. We'll have to play really good and I know we will."

Have you thought about this being your last go around?
"Yes. I'm just trying to keep everything in perspective. It is definitely coming to an end. I am so sad about that. It is bittersweet that it is coming to an end. But I wouldn't want to tackle it with any other team. I think this has been a great year for us, although we have struggled a little bit the last few tournaments. But I definitely feel that we are going to shine when we have to."

How do you focus on golf while still going through your class finals?
"We are going to be finished with them by the time we get to regionals. I definitely think with school being finished we will be relaxed. it will be good not to have that weight on us."

Talk about the team's motivation going into the regionals after not performing that well in the SEC Tournament.
"I think we have had the motivation all year. There has been a lot going on but it is good that we have everything in perspective now. I think we are all confident. We just haven't shined at the right time. It is rare when every player plays bad at the same time. Last week at the SECs I think that is what it was. Really, it is a clean slate. It is what you do in the regionals now."

Head Coach Ginger Brown-Lemm

You appeared to be very excited about the draw.
"I am. I knew we were around 12th in the Golf Stats ranking. (As for the regional) I thought it would be Utah or NC State. And it worked out to be NC State. We do have a lot of great memories from there. So, I am very excited to go there."

Ally McDonald said she is not playing up to the expectations that she has. How do you get your team out of that funk?
"I think we have started that already. Last week, we met at Old Waverly. I texted the girls and told them to fully charged your cell phones and come with a smile on your face and i would meet them at 2 o'clock. I actually took my clubs and dusted the cobwebs off. We played any music that they wanted to hear as loud as they wanted. I played 6 holes with each group. We laughed and had fun. And they beat me like a yard dog but they are supposed to. But it was fun for us to have no expectations. Like (Ally) said before, we tend to get a little pressurized. We are going to go back to how we got here, which is being committed to each other and to what we do every day. Let's go have some fun."

It seems like it is always that one round that bogs you down when you don't do well. How do you avoid that?
"If I knew that I would be a multi-millionaire. But I think our key is we have a little fun and laugh a lot. I think that relieves the pressure. You have to enjoy what you do all of the time, every day. So, I think that is one of the best keys for us."

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