Softball Dogs Take Big Cuts At Stadium

OK, admit it. What good Southern girl or guy hasn’t at some point wanted to take a sledge hammer to some public structure? Well, the softball Bulldogs were able to do exactly that Wednesday.

Nor were they vandalizing anything. Mississippi State is having the two-decade old softball stadium torn down for a complete rebuild, a joint project with a tennis stadium renovation. With the home schedule concluded, Coach Vann Stuedeman procured some sledges and hard hats and had her team swing some really heavy metal at parts of their home stadium.

Specifically, the press box and p.a. booth. Both proved a little tougher than they looked but determined swings and a lot of laughs got the job done.

The real work will get done by real construction, and destruction, professionals beginning Monday. The $6.9 million project is due for completion in time for the 2016 season, when Mississippi State can begin hosting both conference and NCAA tournaments.

Meanwhile Coach Studeman’s squad is playing out their regular season in preparation for both the SEC meet, and their expected national tournament assignment. So the sledges and hardhats can be left behind and the Bulldogs go back to bats, gloves, and helments.

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