Season Tickets Selling At Record Pace

A better and bigger Davis Wade Stadium gave the 2014 Bulldogs the best home-field advantage in program history. Now if spring trends hold up, the 2015 team should have an even better and yes bigger edge playing on home turf.

With the end of the season ticket renewal period, Mississippi State has announced that over 45,000 have been sold or committed. This includes the 11,000 seats annually set aside for students/guests use.

By now in mid-May the sales total should have re-set the program record which was established only last fall. The Ticket Office officially counted 2014 sales as 45,575 for the expanded-and-renovated Davis Wade Stadium. This total was more than verified on game days, when season seat-holders and students were joined by single-game sales and visiting fans to fill the bigger-and-better house. Repeatedly.

While listed ‘capacity’ is 61,337 the current crowd-record now stands at 62,945 for the Auburn game, an ephocal day in program history. That victory pushed Mississippi State football to #1 in the national polls for the first time, ever, a spot Coach Dan Mullen’s men held for five weeks.

That stay in the top spot, a ten-win season and appearance in the inaugural College Football Playoffs Bowls all left Bulldog fans hungry for more in 2015. Well, that and the return of plenty parts from last season and an influx of redshirt and elite-recruits talent. And to further whet appetites, this fall’s schedule brings the favored—if that’s the right word—rivals to Scott Field.

By happy coincidence, Mississippi State also has more seats to sell Bulldog fans for 2015. The official, available ticket total is now announced as 52,000. Since DWS hasn’t gotten any bigger since last November where do the new-for-’15 seats come from?

They aren’t new at all. Instead Mississippi State, in keeping with today’s trends for attendance, is able to sell seats which previously were allotted to visiting teams. In recent years State reserved typical blocks of 7,000 tickets as straight-swaps with regular rivals who traditionally brought large crowd to town.

Other visitors, SEC and non-conference alike, had smaller allotments based on history, size of their own home fan bases, distance, etc. Now for 2015 the allotments have reduced to 5,000, which fairly matches what Bulldog fans can get in away-years.

So now veteran Bulldog fans who haven’t been able to or had the need to buy a season ticket, can. Or they can buy more tickets for family and friends. Or, in best-case for Bulldog Country, new fans can join the fun by committing to a season ticket from the opened seats and begin building their own priority points for years to come.

What the $340 standard season ticket brings is as best-case as imaginable for football fans, too. A Bulldog team featuring all-American and all-conference stars is taking on classic rivals Louisiana State and Alabama on the home field. And of course the Battle for the Golden Egg returns to campus for the 2015 edition.

Meanwhile for those who’ve already re-signed-up for this season, May means the seating-upgrade process is under way. Based on Bulldog Club rank fans can log-in at an assigned date and time to the seat upgrade website. There available seats for those who might want upgrades will be displayed, determined by current season ticket locations/quantity as well as additional requests.

Bulldog Club rank is determined as of April 15 of this year, since the re-order deadline was the end of March.

Mississippi State stresses this is not a re-seating process, which took place last year once the stadium project was completed. Nor are ticket holders required to participate in any upgrading if they like their current locations, and they won’t have their seats taken away by others’ upgrades.

And realistically, based on renewal rates of 95% at the deadline, the Ticket Office does not expect to offer many upgrade options in the ‘prime’ seating sections. Put another way, Bulldog fans who enjoyed the perfect home season of 2014 don’t want to miss what 2015 may bring.

State will provide reminders via email of selection date-and-time. Seat holders can take a ‘look’ at views the optional seats would provide on a Seats3D model and compare it to their current location. Even if one doesn’t want to move, it’s always entertaining to see Scott Field from other angles.

While the MSU Ticket Office and Bulldog Club hunker down for summer seating assignments, fans can also reserve a seat for road games. Allotments for all five trips have been provided, and Bulldog Club priority deadline to order is set for June 30. Orders after that date will be filled best-available.

Ticket prices are, by date: Southern Mississippi $60, Auburn $75, Texas A&M $90, Missouri $75, and Arkansas $55. Word is that Mississippi State has an allotment of 5,000 for the Hattiesburg trip, the first visit to the USM campus since 1989 and potentially the last ever. With SEC teams are mandated to play ‘power five’ conference opponents at least once every year, State will naturally want to play as many of the other non-conference games at home.

Also, MSU fans going to College Station will get to see the new SEC-standard for stadium size with A&M’s expansion of Kyle Field. The Missouri game is a Thursday night, making for a long rest-up weekend. And for all the relative convenience, at least in travel distance, that Little Rock offered, this year sends the Bulldogs to Fayetteville for the first time since 2003.

Ticket information and explanations are available at or 662-325-2600.

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