Roberson Names Overall Leader

Christian Roberson is quietly putting together one of the top offer sheets in the southeast. With double digit offers in hand and more on the way, Roberson admits to being a little awe struck by his good fortune. Heading into the final days of the spring evaluation period, Roberson is planning to hit the road this summer and push towards a decision.

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"Things have been going really good for me," Roberson said. "I have had a good spring. I had one bad practice, but the rest of them have been really good. I have been working hard and there have been a lot of schools that have come by practice to see me."

Powder Springs, Georgia is an annual stop for college recruiters who are mining the Peach state for college football talent. The McEachern High star reports that the practice fields have been flush with college coaches this spring.

"Just about all of the schools that have offered me have already been by," Roberson said. "Auburn has been by and they are showing me a lot of interest. I think that they are going to end up offering me.

"Oregon is coming to see me tomorrow and I feel like they are going to offer me too. It's been really busy lately and I am just having fun with it."

For nearly two months, Roberson has favored a pair of SEC programs. After having taken unofficial visits to see both campuses, it appears that the tie has been broken.

"The top two schools are Florida and Mississippi State," Roberson said. "I have been to both schools and I like all of the coaches. Right now, I am feeling Florida the most. They are the top school right now. If I had to say, it's about 75% Florida and about 25% Mississippi State, but I am not ready to rule them out.

"I am not ready to make my decision yet, but it's going to happen pretty soon. My father and I are supposed to talk about everything tonight, but I am not sure if I am going to decide anything right now."

The current plan is for Roberson to take some trips this summer and then make announcement prior to the season opener this fall.

"I want to go to some camps and take some more visits," Roberson said. "I am supposed to be going to see Florida again soon and I am going to their camp in June. I am going to make a camp at Mississippi State too.

"I want to be able to take a visit to Oregon too, but I might have to wait to take an official there. That's a pretty serious trip."

For now, Roberson is content to wait out the process a little longer, but he does not want his recruitment to be a distraction once the season begins.

"I am getting close, but I feel like I am going to get some other offers soon," Roberson said. "I want to know what all of my options are before I make a decision. I want to be sure about everything and just make my decision once."

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