Lashley Plans Post Spring Travel

Mississippi's top offensive lineman for the 2016 signing class is West Point offensive tackle Scott Lashley. College coaches who traveled to Point City were able to gain some insight into the person and player Lashley is, but due to a minor ailment, the four star talent was held out of most practice drills. The Green Wave took to the spring jamboree field without him this past Friday night.

Scott Lashley now holds 21 major college football scholarships. After just one full season of high school football, Lashley has proven that he has what college recruiters are looking for, size, athleticism and smarts.

"It's been crazy," Lashley said with a chuckle. "It's been exciting and it's been a fast process. I am just trying to stay humble with everything and keep my head on straight. It's been good so far."

Two dozen offers appears to be a certainty now that scores of college coaches have had the chance to see if Lashley passes the "looks" test in person.

"Minnesota, UCLA and the University of California are all showing me a lot of interest too," Lashely said. "Minnesota has been on me for a little while now, so I think they're going to end up offering me."

With his team's spring practice sessions now complete, Lashley plans to get out and see some schools up close and personal.

"So far, it's been mainly SEC schools," Lashley said. "I have been to Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee and a few more. My mom and I are coming back to Mississippi State on Monday.

"My mom went with me to LSU, but most of those other places she hasn't seen yet. We want to get back to some of those places I have already been to and get out to some schools together that I haven't seen yet, like Florida."

Like most mothers, Lashley's mother is putting education first and foremost during her discussions with college coaches.

"My mom is talking all about academics," Lashley said. "She says that whoever has the best academic plan is going to be on the top of the list. She and I have talked about all of this and she's always saying that I am not going to be able to play football forever. I have to get my education.

"I have to go ahead and make some good decisions now to help me after I am done with football later.

"I am really looking hard at going into physical therapy right now. As I am going around and talking to colleges, they say a lot of freshmen end up changing their majors, because they are just trying to find themselves. Right now, though I am planning to get a degree in physical therapy. I may go into broadcasting though."

The decision will not be based completely on education. Lashley has a criteria on how to break down the football side of things as well.

"I want a good football team with an atmosphere that feels like a brotherhood," Lashley said. "I want to go somewhere I can compete and get a job to help a winning program. I want to play for a team that is coming up or is already on top. I want to win."

In the end, Lashley's school of choice will have to get the stamp of approval of both Lashley and his mother when it comes to what that program offers on and off the field to its' student athletes.

"We want to be sure that we make the best decision possible and we are going to make the decision together," Lashley said. "I am not exactly sure when I am going to decide, because I want my mom to come and see all of those schools. I am still keeping everybody even, while we take these trips and talk to these schools."

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