Davis Still Considering His Options

Meridian, Mississippi product Raekwon Davis remains a name of intrigue for football fans who are following the big man's recruitment. Currently committed to Alabama, Davis has not closed the door on other programs. This past weekend big #99 was on campus at Mississippi State as his team closed the lid on their spring practices. Alabama defensive line coach Bo Davis was on hand for the evening.

Davis wore an Alabama hand towel as part of his uniform, but the rising senior reports that he may wear school colors on the next level that may not be Crimson. The Meridian Wildcat says not to read too much into his football accessories.

"I have a whole 'nother year. I am still open and I am still looking around," Davis said. "I may find a place different than 'Bama. I am still looking around and I am looking for the best place for me."

As far as Meridian football goes, Davis believes that his team is on the right track, but still has some things to clean up before the team's season opener.

"I feel like we have a few things we need to work on, but I feel like we did good tonight," Davis said. "We just need to keep practicing. We have a lot of young guys, so need to keep working hard this summer. I think we have the chance to be great.

"I think we need to just keep grinding. I feel like we have the chance to go get that gold ball. We just have to work hard this summer to get better and get healthy."

Davis made his name as a defensive lineman, but this season he expects to play on both sides of the football. On Friday night, Davis wore both jersey numbers 74 and 99 as he rotated between offense and defense.

"I have to keep working," Davis said. "I am going to have to work hard to get my conditioning up this summer. This is my first time working at tackle and it's been a great experience."

With Davis' massive size, he may be better suited to play offensive tackle rather than defensive tackle. The big time talent reports that he is open to the position change on the next level.

"As long as I am out there, I am happy," Davis said. "I think it would be great to play offense. I just want to play and help the team."

Davis is part of a very talented senior class at MHS. There has been some talk about some of the 'Cats possibly playing together in college. As it stands now, Davis reports that there is no package deal in place.

"We have different options and we may have different places that we want to go," Davis said. "It would be great, but we all have different opinions right now. We have to make our own decisions, but if we end up together than that would be great too."

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