Hopper Talks Bulldog Camping Trip

Roswell, Georgia linebacker Tyrone Hopper was one of the stars of Mississippi State's second summer camp session. The lengthy and athletic linebacker worked under the watchful eye of Mississippi State backer boss Manny Diaz during the day and was the top performing linebacker of his grouping. The Bulldogs are one of several options for Hopper, but it appears State made a move this week.

"Camp was great and I learned a lot," Hopper said. "Coach Diaz is a great coach and he taught me a lot of things today. He talked about to me about flipping my hips and just about being a better player all the way around. I really liked him."

Over the course of the afternoon, the linebacker prospects were put through a battery of tests to test their mobility, physical skills and athleticism. One such drill was tackling a rolling exercise ball.

"That was a good drill," Hopper said. "He was talking to us about staying low and that a good player would be able to tackle that ball. You have to get low. It was pretty easy for me, because I have pretty good hips."

During the one-on-one drills, Hopper played in both a two point stance and with his hand on the ground as a defensive end, but on the next level the Peach State product expects to line up as a linebacker.

"Some college coaches are talking about me playing defensive end and some others are talking about linebacker," Hopper. "I see myself as a linebacker and that's where I hope to stay. I enjoy playing there."

Several schools have extended scholarship offers including Mississippi State. It appears that the Bulldogs took a positive step as a serious suitor during the camp.

"I have 20 offers and Mississippi State is one of those," Hopper said. "They are a great program and the coaches show a lot of love. I really like Mississippi State and I will get back soon.

"I am going to Kentucky for my next camp and then I am not sure after that."

Schools looking to make an impression still have time to put their best foot forward. Hopper reports that he is not ready to make a decision just yet.

"I am thinking about making a decision later in the summer," Hopper said. "If I am not ready, then I might wait until around the middle of the season. I am still thinking about things and I don't have any favorites right now. I am just keeping everybody even for now."

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