Porter Makes Return Trip

South Panola standout Dre Porter wrapped up his spring practices on the campus of Mississippi State. The talented defender began his summer camp travels at the same place. Projected as a linebacker by some programs and a defensive end by others, Porter is on the road trying to figure out where he fits best. During his time in Starkville this go around, Porter worked at both spots.

"The camp went great," Porter said. "I feel like I did good with everything. I didn't have any busts. I don't think I did anything bad today."

While Porter spends most of his high school snaps coming out of a three or four point stance, he cut his high school teeth in a two point stance as a linebacker.

"I just sort of grew into a defensive end," Porter said. "I used to play linebacker, but I just kept getting bigger. When they made me a defensive lineman, then I just became a dog all around.

"I like playing both of them and I can play both of them. It don't really matter to me."

During Porter's Thursday afternoon efforts he worked with Bulldog assistants David Turner and Manny Diaz.

"I like how Coach Turner was showing us how to sink our hips and get lower," Porter said. "He showed us how to do it and then he showed us how to do it better. He is the type of coach that you need, because he wants you to do better.

"I like the way Coach Diaz was talking to. He was giving me a lot of good advice about form tackling and all of that. He taught me a lot. He's a good coach too."

Starkville will not be the only camping destination for the personable Porter who plans to stay busy this summer.

"We want to take advantage of our offers and our opportunities," Porter said. "I appreciate all of these people who take time to work with us and deal with us to help us be better players.

"I am going to Ole Miss for their camp tomorrow and then I don't know where we are going after that."

With several offers in hand, Porter is trying to keep a level head about his options and about the direction of his college recruitment.

"It's still pretty much the same with me. Mississippi State and Ole Miss are up there," Porter said. "I still haven't made my mind up. I might just wait til after the season and let it be a surprise to everybody around signing day."

South Panola won the 6A crown last year. The Tigers dropped a hard fought spring jamboree to Starkville High School, but Porter cautions fans not to read much into that game's outcome.

"I think we're going to do good this year," Porter said. "Some people think we have a bad offense, because of what happened in the spring game. That's not true though. We had about six or seven starters who didn't play. We still got it. Most of the players that played offense for us last year will be back again this year."

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