Macklin Talks Bulldog Camp

Summer football camps bring prospects from near and far. One of the most traveled recruits on the Mississippi State campus Monday was Green Valley High wide our Isiah Macklin of Henderson, Nevada. Macklin is currently on a college campus bus tour and the group spent the day in Starkville, Mississippi to begin the week.

Macklin was one of the top players in attendance for the practice session on Monday, but it certainly took some effort to get there.

"It was a long trip," Macklin said with a grin. "I had to take two flights and then get on a bus."

The bus tour has made stops at Alabama, Mississippi State and the Michigan satellite camp at Prattville High School in Alabama. Most of these locales are places Macklin has never seen before.

"Mississippi State was nice today," Macklin said. "It's a little humid, but I still like the area. I have family here in Mississippi, so I feel like I would be comfortable here if I came here."

After the day's testing events and one-on-one drills, the Bulldog coaches spoke with Macklin to learn more about him and his recruitment.

"They were asking me a lot of questions about where I was from and things like that," Macklin said. "They wanted to get more information about me."

The Bulldog coach who spent the most time working hands on with Macklin was Mississippi State receivers coach Billy Gonzales. It appears that Coach G made a positive impression.

"He is a nice guy and a good coach," Macklin said. "I feel like if I played for him that he could make me a better player."

Macklin is in no hurry to make a decision, but reports that he knows what he wants out of the college experience.

"The first thing I am looking for is my education and what I am looking to major in," Macklin said. "I want to do something with sports medicine. I am not sure when I will be able to make a decision or anything like that. I am just looking for the best opportunity."

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