Lashley Returns to Mississippi State

West Point offensive tackle Scott Lashley made some waves recently with a brief commitment to Mississippi State football. While Lashley, elected to back off of that pledge and spend more time considering his options, the four star still holds the Bulldogs in high regard. On Monday, Lashley was back on campus and more than just a casual observer of the Bulldogs' summer camp session.

"I got a lot of mental reps out here watching these guys work with Coach (John) Hevesy," Lashley said. "I wanted to come out here and watch even though I couldn't participate or anything. I am still learning a lot and just trying to get some mental reps in."

A talented group of offensive lineman and defensive lineman really got after each other during the days pass protection drills. While Lashley was unable to take some reps in those spirited contests, he enjoyed seeing it all take place.

"It is always good to see competition," Lashley said. "There were some good guys out here. It was a good experience for me just to watch, so I know it had to be a good experience for all of the other guys out here."

The scout national 300 member made the rounds and visited with several Bulldog coaches during his time on campus. It appears that the relationship between Lashley and the Mississippi State staff remains on solid ground.

"Oh, everything is great," Lashley said. "Everything is still good with everybody. Nothing has changed it all between me and Mississippi State. Everybody still understands. I am high on them Alabama and a couple of other schools in the southeast."

Lashley plans to make the trip over to Tuscaloosa this weekend to visit with the Alabama coaching staff and see more of the region's top football prospects in action.

Eager to get back on the field, Lashley is still on the mend from an ailment that sidelined him much of the spring. The four star standout reports that his hunger for the game is intense, but that he has seen some things from his West Point team that gives him some confidence heading into the summer.

"I saw a lot of things in the spring game that I might have messed up on too as far as steps and things like that," Lashley said. "I wish I would have been able to get out there and compete with the great defensive line that Meridian has with Raekwon Davis and those guys. I thought some of our younger guys stepped it up and that they will be ready to compete this season."

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