Brown Works with Bulldog Staff

Mississippi State fans are hopeful that hometown hero of Starkville High School will spend his college career at home as a Bulldog. On Friday, Brown made an appearance at the Bulldogs' June camp and worked with wide receiver coach Billy Gonzales. Brown reports that the experience was an enjoyable one.

"Things went pretty good," Brown said. "There is a big transition from working with a high school coach and then going to a college coach. Coach Gonzales really wanted to work on all of the small things I was doing wrong."

Brown reports that the attention to detail makes him a better football player.

"I think all of that really helped me," Brown said. "You know my high school coach might just let me get by, but Coach Gonzales wanted me to perfect all of those small things. I think that helps."

From the beginning of the recruiting process, Brown said he wanted to go through the process and see where things stood after the season. A few months into his deliberations, not much has changed as far as a time frame goes.

"I still feel the same about all of that," Brown said. "I am going to start narrowing things down pretty soon. I am probably going to narrow it down to just a few schools around the beginning of football season."

Alabama has mentioned in connection with Brown several times. The Tide held an early lead, but as things stand now, Brown wants to keep his options open and not declare an early favorite.

"Alabama is still recruiting me the hardest," Brown said. "Mississippi State is in there too. A lot of people have said that I am going to Mississippi State, because it's only five minutes away.

"I hear a lot of things about all of that, but I don't know what I am going to do yet. I am just having fun and enjoying all of the attention. It can get old real quick, but right now everybody is even, everybody."

Football season this fall ushers in a new era in Starkville High football. Legendary coach Ricky Woods is now the Yellow Jacket's head man, so expectations are high. Brown has been pleased with the transition so far.

"He is a great coach, a great coach," Brown said. "We haven't really seen him get mad yet, so we'll see about that.

"We have two good quarterbacks and so far they are getting the job down for us. I am just going to put my trust in those guys and see if we can't put it all together."

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