Despenza is a Name to Remember

Mississippi State's final June camp session featured players of all ages. While most will be making their college decisions in the next two years, one of the standouts on Saturday is just beginning his high school career. 2019, yes 2019 product Laderrick Despenza was one of the most impressive prospect in attendance on Saturday. With the physical experience of a senior, Despenza is just a freshman

"I like (Mississippi) State and I wanted to come over here and check it out," Despenza said. "The main reason I came over here is because I like State."

Despenza had the chance to work with Mississippi State defensive line boss David Turner. The rising freshman reports that he enjoyed getting the chance to know the Bulldog assistant.

"He's a good coach. I like him a lot," Despenza said of Turner. "He told me that I did great. He talked to me about using my hands more to get the offensive lineman off of me."

Starkville has not been the only camp destination of the summer for the Hamilton, Mississippi native, nor will it be the last.

"Last week, I went to Alabama's camp," Despneza said. "It was tough, but I feel like I did pretty good. Next month, I am supposed to be going to an Ole Miss camp."

With plenty of time to prepare for the college recruiting process, Despenza is mainly focused on his high school team, the Hamilton Lions.

"On defense, we're a little small," Despenza said. "We're working on all of that and just trying to get ready for the season. I hope we have a good year."

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