One-on-one With Jazzmun Holmes

Mississippi State women's basketball freshman point guard Jazzmun Holmes talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

What was it like for your dad, Tim Nelson, when you signed with the same college that he played football for?
"He thought it was a very special moment for him and the rest of my family because he was a Bulldog."

Was he able to prepare you for what college life has been like?
"He prepared me mentally. He told me college will be much harder than high school."

What have the first two weeks been like for you?
"Man, it has been very tiring but it has been worth it. The hard work, getting up early in the morning, the yoga, weights."

How has the yoga helped you?
"It helps us get loose."

You were one of the most talented players in high school. Now you are playing for a college team where everybody is like you talent-wise. What has it been like going against such talented players every day in practice?
"It has been difficult. But the way they push me has made it worth it because they have caused me to get better."

What has been the most difficult aspect of college basketball?
"Playing defense and also getting up early in the morning."

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