1-on-1 With MSU Baseball Signee Parker Ford

Lufkin (TX) High School class of 2015 righthand pitcher Parker Ford, a Mississippi State signee, talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

  • Name: Parker Ford
  • Classification: 2015
  • Position: Right-hand Pitcher
  • Ht: Wt: 6-foot-3, 220
  • Bats-Throws: R-R
  • High School: Lufkin (TX) High School
  • Schools of Interest: Signed with Mississippi State

    [Parker Ford could have been a very high draft choice, probably in the 3 to 5 round range but told pro scouts that he wasn't going to sign. Due to that, he wasn't drafted in the June MLB Draft. He talked about that as well as other things.]

    How have you improved your pitching since last season?
    "I would say that I have gotten stronger. Not so much throwing with more velocity but keeping my velocity longer in a game."

    I know you missed part of the second half of your season due to an injury. How did you season go before you were injured?
    "It went real well. I threw a no-hitter early in the year. My velo was pretty much what it was this (past) summer. It was in the low 90s. I probably sat at 90, 91, 92. I also threw a few 93, 94, 95s."

    Is your fastball a two-seam or four-seam?
    "I throw both. My two-seam probably sits at 88-89 and it runs inside of right-handed hitters. That is my go-to pitch."

    What other pitches do you throw?
    "I throw a 12-6 curveball and a changeup. I throw a two-seam and four-seam changeup, too. My four-seam changeup moves away from a righty, and my two-seam changeup runs the same way as a two-seam fastball, into righties."

    I know you had an injury. What kind of injury was it?
    "It was a mild sprain to my UCL. It is about healed. I have a fresh arm now. I will rebuild it from the ground up."

    When will you be attending Mississippi State?
    "July 5th."

    I know you told the pro teams you weren't going to sign. How difficult was that?
    "It wasn't difficult at all. I told them I wasn't going to sign. They deal with that everyday. It is kind of like college recruiting. You feel a little guilty turning down schools but it happens to them everyday, too. I am looking out for my best interest. They have to understand that. And I never told them even in the beginning that I was going to sign. I told them all along that I was leaning to school."

    What are your thoughts about coming into Mississippi State next season as a freshman?
    "I am excited. I am a little anxious, but I am ready to do it. Coming in during the summer, I will be used to the school aspect of it."

    What do you think about the class that you are coming in with?
    "I think they have signed a pretty good group of pitchers, so I think that part (of the team) will be covered. If not this year, then the next year for sure. We will gain experience as freshmen, then the next year we will all be ready to go."

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