1-on-1 with MSU 2017 Commit Hunter Milligan

Greenbrier (AR) High School/East Coast Baseball class of 2017 left-handed pitcher Hunter Milligan, a Mississippi State commitment, talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

  • Name: Hunter Milligan
  • Classification: 2017
  • Position: LHP/1B/OF
  • Ht, Wt: 6-foot-4, 205
  • Bats-Throws: L/L
  • High School: Greenbrier (AR) High School
  • Travel Team: East Coast Baseball Select
  • Schools of Interest: Committed to Mississippi State

    You had a really great freshman season?
    "In high school ball I went 7-1. I threw a perfect game. I can't remember my ERA but it was pretty low."

    Weren't you throwing in the high 80s as a freshman?
    "Yes sir. The summer of my freshman year I hit 91 at Vanderbilt."

    Was that pitch a two-seam or four-seam?
    "A two-seam."

    Does your two-seam have much movement on it?
    "Yes sir, it does, but my four-seam has movement, too."

    You didn't pitch much your sophomore year, a couple of times early in the season. And you aren't pitching this summer. What happened to cause you not to pitch?
    "I saw a decrease in velocity. I think I topped out at 88. So, we knew something was wrong even though I didn't have any pain. We had a physical therapist do some tests on it and he could tell it was weak. We then went to our primary doctor and he told us to get an MRI. He didn't find anything significant so he scheduled eight weeks of rehab. I'm going through that now. He said it was just a case of overusing my arm."

    When do you start pitching again?
    "I'll go back to the doctor this Friday. What I will probably do when he releases me is go through an arm-strengthening program."

    What are your thoughts about coming to Mississippi State in a couple of years?
    "I am excited to get here. I am excited about the new stadium they are getting here. It is going to be pretty sweet."

    You are ranked 7th in your class by Perfect Game. If you maintain that ranking you will likely be a high draft pick. What are your thoughts about college ball and pro ball?
    "The environment is a lot different in college. I have talked to people who have gone pro right out of high school. Until you get to the (Major Leagues) it is a rough road. You are on long bus rides and stay in nasty hotels. When you come out of high school (and go pro) you are kind of thrown to the wolves. In college you have help and you have friends. When you are in the pros it is just yourself. Due to that, it is more realistic to go to college. And that is probably what I am going to do."

    But what if you are a high draft pick, maybe a first-round pick? That could mean a lot of money.
    "It depends on whether it is life-changing money. But I'm just thinking about college right now. I'm not thinking about pro ball. I'll let that dictate itself."

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