CoachSpeak: Dareun Parker

Mississippi State is expected to go heavy on the offensive line in the 2016 signing class. The first piece of that sled pushing puzzle was securing the verbal commitment of in state target Dareun Parker of DeSoto Central. Parker has remained "True Maroon" throughout the recruiting process rejecting the advances of others. Head coach Matt Wallace believes the Bulldogs are getting a good one.

"He has just been out anchor on the offensive line," Wallace said. "The thing about Daruen is that last year was only his second year to ever play. He sort of got thrown into it. We had a guy go down his sophomore year and he had no idea what he was doing. He did a good job for us that year and then last year, he did a tremendous job for us.

"His upside is just tremendous, in my opinion. He is still growing and he's still figuring the weight room out. He is just an athlete. I posted a twitter video a few weeks back of him two hand dunking a basketball. He can windmill dunk it at 335 pounds. That's just being an athlete.

"He just means everything to us anchoring down our left side and I expect him to have a tremendous senior year."

Parker plays left tackle on the high school level, but is expected to slide inside and man on of the offensive guard positions once he arrives in Starkville and puts on the Maroon and White.

"Right now, Coach (John) Hevesy is talking guard. With a lot of stuff that they do at State, the pull their guards an awful lot. Right now, that's what they are thinking, but you never know what is going to happen once they get to the next level. His footwork is very, very good and I am not sure he can't play that left tackle spot at the next level."

In addition to being a star football player, Parker is a solid member of the DeSoto Central Jaguar family as both a student and a citizen.

"He is a great kid and a great young man," Wallace said. "He will do anything you ask him. He's shy. You don't expect somebody who's 6-5, 335 to be shy, but he's just a shy, humble and down to Earth kid. He is very family oriented and is just a great hearted kid. Sometimes he's so nice that he doesn't realize his own strength and what he could really do to people if he wanted to. I know that Coach Hevesy and the staff up there at State will get every once out of him once he gets up there."

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