Parker Still Bullish on State

While the offensive and defensive skill players had the chance to showcase their skills at the eight team DeSoto County 7-on-7, the big men were not left out of the week's festivities. The offensive and defensive lineman got the chance to let their hair down a bit earlier in the week and get their hands on the ball at the local bowling alley.

"It was really cool that they had something for us," Parker said with a grin. "Linemen don't have a whole lot of stuff to go to. When coach told us that we were all going bowling and going to eat pizza with the other teams we were excited.

"I feel like I did pretty good. We were just playing for fun. It was really just a chance to hangout and have fun."

Big men from all eight teams participating in the 7-on-7 tournament took part in the evening's events, which made Parker feel better about the football fraternity close to home.

"I had fun and I liked being around the other linemen," Parker said. "We just all got to know each other and we just talked. It was good."

Parker is not one for idle conversation, but he had plenty of people looking to speak to him about his commitment to Mississippi State. Several schools came through his high school during the spring, but the 6-5, 335 pounder reported that he was not interested in hearing any other sales pitches.

"I am going back to Mississippi State for Big Dawg camp and I am going to work hard up there," Parker said. "I love Coach (John) Hevesy. He told me how much he likes my size and how quick I am. He said that my hand placement and my feet are all really good.

"Mississippi State is going to have a great team this year. I think the offensive line is going to lead the way. They all work hard and they listen to Coach Hevesy. Those are the main things you have to do to be successful."

In addition to having some high hopes for the Bulldogs, Parker has some serious expectations from his high school football team this fall.

"I have just been working hard in the weight room and doing some running," Parker said. "I am getting ready for the season and I think we're going to have a good year. We have a lot of play makers. We are going to be good."

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