2016 MIF Reed Smith Talks MSU Commitment

Russellville (AL) High School class of 2016 Reed Smith talks about his commitment to Mississippi State.

  • Name: Reed Smith
  • Classification: 2016
  • Position: MIF
  • Ht: Wt: 6-0, 180
  • Bats-Throws: R-R
  • High School: Russellville (AL) High School
  • Schools of Interest: Committed to Mississippi State

    What was it about Mississippi State that caused you to commit to them?
    "I love the coaching staff and how they do things there. And it is a great school to be a part of."

    When did they start recruiting you?
    "I would say this summer. I was down at the Perfect Game National Showcase in Fort Myers, Florida and Coach Ming (MSU assistant coach Nick Mingione) called me after the first day that I was there. That was when it started."

    What did he say he liked about you while talking to you?
    "He really liked my tools for the game, my speed and how I do things."

    What happened after he talked to you?
    "From there, he told me that he was interested in me and was going to come watch me play for my summer ball team. Then, he wanted me to come down for a visit. And I ended up committing."

    When did you visit?
    "I visited Sunday."

    Explain what happened during the visit?
    "When we first got there we met Coach Cohen and Coach Ming. He told us how they did things. Then we went on a tour of the campus. He showed me all the facilities, which are beautiful. We sat down in Coach Ming's office and went over the offer. And I was very pleased with it."

    After you were offered, what happened?
    "He told me and my family that we had a couple of days to sit down and make a decision. Later that night I called him and told him that I wanted to commit."

    What was Coach Mingione's reaction?
    "He was very excited, very excited."

    Did you expect his reaction or did it catch you by surprise?
    "I could see it. I could see that out of him. I could see him being expressive and showing his emotions. I could see him being a coach like that."

    You mentioned that they like some things about you. Was there anything in particular they liked more than the others?
    "I would say my speed, my batting ability and just how I play baseball."

    What were your stats this past baseball season?
    "I batted .490. I had 5 home runs. I don't know my RBIs but I scored 67 runs."

    67 runs scored! How many games did you play?
    "We finished the season with a 35-6 record."

    How did you score so many runs? Did you steal a lot of bases?
    "Yes sir, I would try to steal second and third every time I got on base."

    How many stolen bases did you have?
    "I only ended up with 22 stolen bases."

    You must have had a lot of doubles, too.
    "Yes sir, I did. I think I had 27 extra bases."

    27 extra bases, 22 that were doubles and triples and 22 stolen bases. You mentioned you have good speed. What is your speed in the sixty?
    "Our team went to a team camp at Mississippi State this summer and I ran a 6.35 or a 6.3."

    That is phenomenal speed. Was that the best that you have ever run?
    "Yes sir, it was the best."

    What was the MSU coaches' reaction to that speed?
    "They talked to me and said they wanted to see me play some baseball games."

    Was that before or after the Perfect Game National Showcase?
    "It was before."

    You also mentioned that you batted .490 this season. What was your batting average last season?
    "It was something like .294."

    You increased it from .294 to .490 in one season. What caused such a drastic increase?
    "I just worked on my hitting tools."

    What happened physically to your body? That could explain the increase as well, at least to an extent.
    "I increased my strength. I filled out a little bit more."

    What is your height and weight now?
    "I would say that I am 5-foot-11, 6-foot, and about 180, 175."

    With your size and speed you could play short, second base, even center field. How you played in the outfield, maybe center field before?
    "Yes sir, this is only my second year to play shortstop."

    Has Mississippi State seen you play center field before?
    "No sir, they have only seen me play shortstop."

    I guess they are looking at you as a middle infielder?
    "Yes sir."

    Recruiting-wise, what other schools were recruiting you?
    "Alabama, Vanderbilt, West Virginia, Troy, UAB, Auburn, Samford and the College of Charleston."

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