Calhoun Reflects on Scholarship Increases

Many on social media commented on how well dressed the Mississippi State media trio of Ryan Brown, Taveze Calhoun and Dak Prescott appeared for their SEC Media Days appearance on Tuesday. The Bulldog seniors wanted to do their part to be great ambassadors for the Bulldog program in word, thought, deed and thread.

As senior defensive end Ryan Brown ended his turn with the print media, one SEC staff turned to former Mississippi State Atheltics Director, Larry Templeton and said, "I bet you have several of those, Larry" referring to Brown's Maroon blazer.

Templeton smiled and nodded affirmatively.

Ironically, Brown needed an introduction of sorts. #48 was about to shake hands with the man THE Templeton Center on the Mississippi State campus was named after for the first time.

The former Bulldog athletic boss made the Maroon blazer famous over the years wearing it proudly to several Mississippi State functions.

Brown was wearing his for the first time as he represented Dan Mullen's program in Hoover, Alabama as part of the meet the press function that signals the beginning of football season in the south.

Earlier in the day, one TV crew member asked Brown if it was difficult to find a Maroon sports coat in his size. Brown grinned and said, "It really was. I found this one at a flea market."

A flea market? Yep, these are still college students after all, but with total cost scholarships now a new part of the NCAA experience, future visitors to Hoover may have a few more options for their shopping needs.

Mississippi State's stipend for student athletes is among the largest in the conference. At $5,126, the Bulldog increase in scholarship funds per football player trails only Auburn and Tennessee in the conference.

Senior to be corner, Taveze Calhoun certainly welcomes the additional resources, but the Morton, Mississippi native reports that college athletes in Starkville have been well provided for.

"It really just puts more money in your pocket," Calhoun said of the newly implemented full cost of attendance scholarships. "In my time at Mississippi State, I have never wanted for anything. I think my scholarship covers everything pretty well.

"It's really just going to be extra spending money like clothes or shoes. For the most part in my time at Mississippi State, I have been well taken care of. I don't really have any needs."

In addition to the increased stipend, Mississippi State is also offering some financial planning counseling for students to teach them how to handle their money as good stewards.

"I think that class is really for real life situations when you get out," Calhoun said. "It prepares you for the situation now, but it also prepares you for life when you get out there on your own when you have to get out there and manage your money.

"I think it's a good thing overall for the student athlete now and in the future."

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