Big Dawg: Freddie Hartz

Morton High (MS) standout Freddie Hartz has spent a lot of time on the road this summer in an effort to learn more about the schools that are recruiting him. Hartz has spent some time on SEC campuses at 7-on-7 camps and some individual workouts. This past weekend, Hartz returned to Mississippi State for the Big Dawg camp.

"I am having a great summer. It's all going great to me," Hartz said. "The last couple of camps I have been to, I feel like I have done better and I am getting better 40 times. That's the main thing I am working on right now, getting a better 40 time."

The Panthers of Morton are expected to have a pretty solid football team this fall. Hartz reports that the expectations within the program are very high.

"I feel like we should go all of the way," Hartz said. "We have the team to do it. If we don't go all of the way, then I guess it just wasn't meant for us to do it. We can do all of the way though, I think."

Several college programs have reached out to Hartz and some have extended offers. As it stands right now, the in state programs appear to have created some distance over the others, with Ole Miss having a slight lead.

"I am sort of leaning to Ole Miss right now," Hartz said. "Their coaching staff keeps in touch with me and I like all of the coaches. They have great personalities. They make me feel like I am wanted any time.

"Mississippi State is pretty much the same and they make me feel wanted to. It's just that Ole Miss is in contact with me more."

Hartz plans to wait out the process and see what options he can accumulate before making a decision. One of the biggest questions about Hartz involves his projected position. The talented junior has spent a lot of time at linebacker, but he appears ready to out grow the position. The thinking now is that Hartz will play his college career with his hand on the ground as a defensive lineman.

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