Jones Still Solid

Zaire Jones of Meridian High School was one of the first in state players for the class of 2016 to verbally commit to Mississippi State. Jones has not wavered on his word to the Bulldogs and is now actively working to add to the Mississippi State signing class. Unfortunately, Jones was unable to attend last week's Big Dawg camp and do some recruiting in person in a target rich environment.

"I wanted to be there, but I had to work," Jones said. "I just started a new job working for the city and helping out at the baseball games. I had two games that night and I just didn't think it would have been a good move for me to ask off my first week on the job.

"I talked with Coach (Tony) Hughes about it all and everybody understood."

Jones reports that he is in regular contact with his Hughes who is both his area recruiting coach and future position coach. The tone of the conversations have changed a bit in recent months.

"Coach Hughes knows that they have me, so we spend a lot of time talking about other recruits," Jones said. "I am out here telling people about Mississippi State every chance that I get. When I talk to Coach Hughes we just talk about the future. They don't have to really recruit me, because I'm coming."

In the near future, the MHSAA will announce their selections for the All-Star squad that will represent the Magnolia State in the annual border war against Alabama. Jones reports that he and some of his peers have already been talking about the contest.

"We were just talking about that yesterday," Jones said. "I don't know who is going to get picked, but I know all of us here at Meridian are going to be proud of whoever gets picked from our school. I hope I get picked. I would love to play in that secondary with Nigel Knott and some of the other guys. I have talked with the Starkville guys about it too.

"It would be an honor to be picked for the game, but even if I don't know I know the caliber of players we have in Mississippi. I will be proud for all of the guys who get picked and I hope they can get us a win."

For now, Jones is working hard and preparing for his senior season. This season could prove to be a special one for Meridian Wildcat fans.

"I tell you, between working and working out, I've been busy," Jones said with a laugh. "Even if I had gone to Big Dawg camp, I would have been tired, but I would have been ready to compete.

"That's one of the main things I am looking forward to when I think about the season. I am ready to get out there and compete in practice and just get ready for the year. I am ready to compete and I am ready for the season. I am ready to get started."

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