GPTV: 1-on-1 With Senior Gavin Ware

GPTV: Mississippi State senior big man Gavin Ware talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

I have talked to some of the other players. They all seem to be really excited about the upcoming season. As a senior, what is your excitement level like?
"My excitement level is very high. It is unbelievable. It is higher than it has been the last three years here with guys like Malik Newman, Aric Holman and returning players like Chicken, which is Craig Sword, Fred Thomas, I.J. (Ready) and myself. This should be a phenomenal season for us. We should have a winning record and go to the NCAA Tournament."

What is it like in the practices?
"Oh, we get down to the nitty gritty."

What is the nitty gritty?
"You might end up with a golf ball size knot on your head, a nose bleed. We go hard, We talk trash. We get at each other and try to make each other better. We are trying to create a learning experience. The veterans, we know how it is going to be on the court. We push our freshmen so they will understand how the game works."

A couple of guys, I.J. Ready and Malik Newman, aren't afraid to say this team will be playing for a national championship. That is a bold statement. You are a senior. What are your thoughts about that statement?
"I'm just like them. I am trying to play for that national championship. My mind is set, it is already made up. We are working, working. Just being able to follow the coaches rules and do everything they tell me. We have an unbelievable chance. The road is paved for us to go. All we have to do is hold on to the steering wheel and go."

New head coach Ben Howland has sent 21 guys to the NBA and played in Final Fours. Obviously, you have a lot of respect for a coach like that, a coach who have proven during his career he can be successful. What has he brought to your game.
"I have already established that base foundation of how to move in the post. Now he is giving me moves that NBA players know how to do. So, he is teaching me, just like at a combine or summer (NBA) league, he is teaching me what moves to do and how to read the defense, just go off my mindset."

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