GPTV: 1-on-1 With I.J. Ready/Malik Newman

GPTV: Mississippi State basketball players I.J. Ready and Malik Newman talk about Malik Newman and I.J. Ready with Gene's Page.

Malik, what do you like about I.J.
Malik - "Really everything. To be honest, these first two months of me being here he has taught me the ropes of being a point guard. He is very competitive each and every day. He competes with me and doesn't take it easy. He has done a really good job of helping me get ready for the SEC."

What has been the toughest thing about him that has helped your game?
Malik - "Just him period. He is one of those guys that is hard nose. He can play on either end of the court. He's not scared of anyone. He's one of those guys who gives it to me everyday. If I'm doing something right he congratulates me. If I'm doing something wrong he's the first person to get on me about it. I credit him for doing the job he is supposed to be doing as a junior point guard."

I.J., we've already talked about Malik earlier. Now you are standing next to him. Why do you think MSU fans will be so excited about when they see Malik play?
I.J. - "Just that we are the dynamic duo. (Malik said, 'I like that' to that comment). The point guard position that we have, with him being the number 1 point guard in his class and me just being me, there is just a lot of firepower coming from that position. Like he told you, everyday we come out and compete against each other. If we don't compete against each other as point guards, then the rest of the team Will Slack off. It is up to us to see how far a team goes. If it doesn't go through us, then it pretty much don't go through anybody on the team. We just push each other to see how far we can take this thing. And we are going for a national championship. We want to make a run for it, nothing less."

Malik, what do you think about that national championship statement by I.J.?
Malik - "I agree with it. At the end of the day I didn't choose Mississippi State because it was a school in my state. I chose Mississippi State because that is the team that I can come in, with the guys that they already have, I can come in and make a big impact. Like he said, we can make the tournament and make a run for it."

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