GPTV: Robertson Analyzes Commit Nero Nelson

GPTV: Gene's Page's Steve Robertson analyzes Mississippi State football commitment Nero Nelson.

Steve Robertson - Welcome Bulldog fans. Today we are going to do some discussions about the Mississippi State verbal commitments for the 2016 signing class. We are going to give you some insight that you don't have otherwise.
Today, we want to talk about Nero Nelson, one of the most recent Mississippi State pledges. Also, one of the first players in the state of Mississippi to collect an offer from Mississippi State among the 2016 signing class.

The Mississippi Delta has been great to Mississippi State over the years and, of course, Nero plays for Hollandale Simmons.

He will probably be a shoe-in for the Mississippi-Alabama all-star game. I expect him to play running back in that game. There are a couple of reasons why I believe that. Number 1, he is a guy who you want to get the ball into his hands as quickly as possible. And, number 2, there is really a lack of running backs in the state this year. So, as far as high school backs go, he is going to be one of the best in the state for the senior class of 2016.

When he gets to Mississippi State he could play some in the slot. But Mississippi State already has a glut of players at the position already. That receiver position is called the H position by Mississippi State. But you can never have too many playmakers. We expect Nero to get his first snaps as a defensive back, probably as a corner but he could grow into a free safety. But I think we will see him play nickel or dime early in his career. But he is one of those players who has the versatility to play wherever he is needed. When you have a team need you can plug him in.

He is a very down-to-earth young man who is very excited about his future. He is very humble when he thinks about the opportunities that lie ahead of him at Mississippi State. He has great length for a smaller guy. He also has great footspeed. That was one of the concerns about him heading into the camp sessions, his footspeed. And he answered those questions with a resounding yes. That was one of the reasons why he was invited back to Big Dawg Camp. And Mississippi State had no reservations about taking his commitment.

He is a guy who will be of great benefit to his class moving forward from a standpoint of his leadership ability. He is very well known throughout the state and very active on social media interacting with other players.

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