GPTV: Robertson Analyzes Greg Eiland

GPTV: Gene's Page's Steve Robertson analyzes Mississippi State's latest football commitment Greg Eiland.

Steve Robertson - Welcome back Bulldogs fans as we discuss your 2016 recruiting class.

Greg Eiland has been on the Mississippi State recruiting radar for awhile. And now he is a commitment and a guy who will be a big part of this class. And not just in a figurative standpoint but a physical standpoint as well. He is one of the bigger offensive linemen that I have seen in this state in a long, long time. And I think he is a guy who has an opportunity to come in and play. But he is also one of those guys who is a developmental type guy because he probably needs to lose some weight then put on the good weight. There were some concerns about mobility with him but I think that (weight) is part of the issue. He is a guy who is carrying some weight in his upper body. Trust me, when the strength and conditioning guys gets him in they will test him and figure out where he is off balance and where he needs improvement. They will get him where he needs to be from a physical standpoint.

It is great to get back in at Philadelphia, Mississippi. That should be a Mississippi State town. Going back to get Greg only helps in that respect.

I think, with the way the offensive linemen are in the state of Mississippi, when you have the opportunity to go and get guys like Greg who are true offensive tackles - and I do think he will be a right tackle - you have to go get them. You have Scott Lashley who can play left tackle and Greg who can play right tackle. I think those twin terrors work for Mississippi State. I think when you have guys with that type athletic ability and that size within the state of Mississippi you simply have to go get them. You have to go get them and see what your strength and conditioning coach and your coaching staff can do to develop them.

I think that Greg will be a big part of this class because offensive linemen are always, always in demand. And Mississippi State always wants to get the big, behemoth guys. I have said many times that John Hevesy likes to recruits in his own image. He wants to get guys who are bigger, longer, more physical guys, guys who can get out and absolutely mash people. And I think that Greg has the potential to do that.

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