GPTV: Robertson Analyzes C.J. Morgan-Walker

GPTV: Gene's Page's Steve Robertson analyzes Mississippi State football commitment C.J. Morgan-Walker.

Steve Robertson - Welcome back Bulldog fans as we continue with our discussion of the 2016 recruiting haul so far.

One of the first commitments in this class was C.J. Morgan-Walker, who committed on Junior Day.

He is an intriguing prospect out of Parkway High School in Shreveport, Louisiana. As you guys know, that is the neck of the woods where Dak Prescott is from. In fact, Parkway and Haughton are pretty big rivals. We had a discussion about that recently on Gene's Page. And you can read that article for yourself.

C.J. is a guy who is very intriguing. He was initially recruited as a corner but could end up being a free safety. I think he is going to outgrow the corner position as he begins to develop and add some mass.

As you watch him on film it is impression how quickly he reacts to the football. He is another one of those guys with great route recognition. He will undercut the route and get a hand in there. He is a very, very aggressive, confident player.

People ask if he is (another) Kendrick Market. He's got a little better footspeed than Kendrick. And that is no disrespect to Kendrick Market. But I think C.J. is going to be a little bit more physical player. He will be a lot thicker as he gets in the Rick Court strength and conditioning program and begins to add some mass.

He also has that competitive edge that has become a trademark of Dan Mullen players. A lot of these guys in this recruiting class are very, very competitive. You could see that in Big Dawg Camp. Anytime someone got beat they wanted to go again. Nobody wanted to look bad in front of the Mississippi State coaching staff. And C.J. Morgan-Walker was certainly one of those guys that I was really impressed with in that respect. In the event that he got beat on a play he took it very, very personal and wanted to immediately get back out there and compete again. For Mississippi State to get to Atlanta those are the kind of players that they have to recruit and sign.

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