GPTV: Robertson Analyzes Dee Nalls

GPTV: Gene's Page's Steve Robertson analyzes Mississippi State football commitment Dee Nalls.

Steve Robertson - Welcome back Bulldog fans as we continue with our discussion of the 2016 Mississippi State recruiting class.

One of the first guys to put the wheel on the Mississippi State bandwagon was Dee Nalls who actually committed at Mississippi State's Big Dawg Camp a year ago.

He has had several offers since then, since several offers have come his way. He continues to hear from Auburn and Alabama, of course, has been in the mix a little bit. He recently camped at Auburn but I think Mississippi State will be ok.

He is one of those guys who fits that blue collar offensive line John Hevesy type mentality. He is a guy who is a really hard worker and real physical. When you watch him play he is one of those guys who wants to plow you in the ground. He is not one of those guys who just wants to push and shove. He wants to dominate the man across from him. And I believe the meanness factor with him is off the charts.

Every time he comes to campus he leaves and talks about how great things are here. But I do think State is going to have to work hard to continue to recruit him just because of the fact that Auburn and Mississippi State run some similar blocking schemes. And I think he is a guy who will fit either program. So, Auburn could come lurking again. But one of the things that I do like about Dee is he continues to tell people that he is going to be a Mississippi State Bulldog. And he did commit early and said back then that he didn't really have any plans on looking around. But I think some other schools have come and maybe tested the water a little bit. But I think that John Hevesy has done a pretty good job of locking things down. But he is certainly one that we will have to watch and monitor as the season progresses.

He'll probably be another guy who will be in the Mississippi-Alabama All-Star Game, although on the other side of things. So, be prepared for that.

And he will also be a guy, in the event that he has an opportunity to play early, who I believe is physically advanced enough to play early in his career, whereas other guys need to kind of tone up. And he is a guy who, because he understands the physical brand of football he fits exactly what Mississippi State wants in an offensive guard.

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