GPTV: Robertson Analyzes Lashard Durr

GPTV: Gene's Page's Steve Robertson analyses Mississippi State football commitment Lashard Durr.

Steve Robertson - Welcome back Bulldog fans as we discuss your 2016 recruiting class, as Mississippi State gets ready to prepare for fall practice. In fact, by time you are watching this we are already in the middle of fall practice. And getting ready to prepare for Southern Miss.

But a player you should be expecting to here next year, as a matter of fact he will be here in a couple of months and enroll in January, is Lashard Durr formerly of Harrison Central, currently at Co-Lin.

He came to Big Dawg Camp and had a good showing.

He is another guy who we have been a fan of for a long time. He is a guy who has been on the Mississippi State recruiting radar for some time and signed with Mississippi State out of high school. He was one of the top corners in the state of Mississippi out of his senior class. He and Tito Windham, who signed with Oklahoma, were probably the best tandem out of high school.

He is a guy who went to Co-Lin and had a big year last year. He also helped in kick returns. He is a guy who put on a lot of mass. When you see him now compared to what he was like in high school you can see what a difference a year make when these guys get away from home and get into a strength and conditioning program. I am only imagine how big he will be next year after he goes through a spring and summer with Rick Court's Mississippi State's spring and summer program.

With Taveze Calhoun and Will Redmond moving on this year, he is a guy who will come in next year and, obviously, be a guy that needs to factor in as a stop-gap guy as the younger guys like Chris Stamps and Maurice Smitherman begin to develop. Both of those guys need to add some mass as they prepare for the physicality of the Southeastern Conference. So, Lashard Durr can come in and sort of be that missing piece. He will aid in that transition as the younger guys develop. He will come in and challenge for playing time immediately. I don't think there is any question but that he will be on the two-deep from day one at corner. It will just be a matter of which side he will play. And Deshea Townsend wants everybody to learn to play both. So, Durr will come in and compete for one of those spots and be a big part of things next year for Mississippi State.

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