GPTV: Robertson Analyzes Zaire Jones

GPTV: Gene's Page's Steve Robertson analyses Mississippi State football commitment Zaire Jones.

Steve Robertson - Welcome back Bulldog fans as we continue with our discussion of the 2016 Mississippi State commitments as this signing class kind of takes shape. As we get into fall camp, as you guys know Dan Mullen does his best recruiting during the summer months. When football is here they still do some recruiting but by and large their responsibility and efforts are on the football. Which is a novel concept in this day and age of recruiting coverage. Signing Day is a means to an end of winning football games. That often gets lost in the discussion.

But Zaire Jones is actually a guy who committed at a Mississippi State football game last year. Tony Hughes has recruited Meridian for years.

Zaire Jones has been a known commodity. As scouts learned of C.J. Hampton a couple of years ago, Zaire was playing opposite of him. So, as a result, he was a known commodity early on in his career.

He is another guy who is very, very good at defending the deep third. He is a very smart player. He is not afraid to come up and lay a lick on somebody. He will obviously be a safety on the next level. It kind of remains to be seen if he will be a strong safety or a free safety. It will depend on his ability to add mass without hurting his dexterity.

He is also highly intelligent. I think long-term he will be the guy making the calls in the secondary similar to how Jay Hughes did a couple of years ago. Zaire plans on majoring in engineering. He is one of the top students at Meridian High School and will probably finish in the top-10 academically.

He is also a young man who has been very, very solid in his commitment to Mississippi State. He continues to say that he is doing his part to recruit and that Mississippi State has no worries about losing him. Obviously, he is a guy with talented teammates and he is doing his part to help carry the water for the Bulldogs. And try to encourage those guys join him in Starkville.

He is a guy who I anticipate being in the rotation early. With so many defensive backs on the roster right now you will probably see a lot of this class redshirt. But I expect Zaire Jones to be a leader on this team and be one of the guys who will be in the rotation early in his career as the Mississippi State football program moves forward in their quest to win the SEC West.

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