1-on-1 With Freshman WR Jesse Jackson

Mississippi State redshirt freshman wide receiver Jesse Jackson talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

What was it like redshirting last year after being the star on your high school team?
"There is more pressure now. I feel like there is more pressure than there was before. Now, there is more weight on your shoulders to perform (than there was during my freshman season). I feel positive that I am going to be out there on the field this year. But the main thing is to stay healthy. I feel like if I stay healthy then I will have a pretty good chance of being out there."

Physically you look like an SEC receiver. How do you think you have improved since last year?
"I think I have improved a lot. Mainly, it has been sticking to the script. That is the easiest thing to do. And I feel like I look like an SEC receiver after being here a year. There has been a lot of hard work and grinding (to get here). It has been the process in general. Coming in here and going to work everyday."

Have things gotten easier for you?
"I wouldn't say anything is easy here. A better way to say it is I am understanding it better. Everyday you come here you come to work hard and be great everyday."

What have you learned from the other veteran receivers, guys like D'Runnya Wilson?
"I would say you have to watch everybody because everybody brings something different to the table. I would say we are like family and like family back home you learn something from each one of them. As for D'Runnya, his type is more like my type. He uses his body, so I watch him a little bit more than anybody else. Joe (Morrow) also uses his body. You just pick up different things from different people. Things that I need to work on is getting in and out of my breaks. And Fred Ross does a great job at that."

What do you feel most comfortable doing right now?
"Most comfortable, I would say blocking. I take pride in my blocking."

What is the feeling like knowing that in 3 to 4 weeks you will actually be playing in your first college game?
"It is definitely exciting. I haven't played a game since high school, so it has been over a year. I haven't experienced the feeling of being on the big stage yet. I have run in the stadium before but as far as it being full I haven't experienced that."

What did you try to do this summer to help your overall game?
"Mainly I would say staying healthy. I had an issue with that coming in as a freshman with my ACL. So, I would say the main thing for me was staying healthy. If I do that, then everything else will fall in place."

What is your height and weight now?
"I am 6-foot-2, 210."

What did you weigh as a true freshman?
"I was 218. It is crazy. I feel better now than I did last year. I feel like my body is more trim and toned than it was last year. I just feel 10 times better."

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