1-on-1 With Senior LT Rufus Warren

Mississippi State senior left tackle Rufus Warren talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

You have moved from right tackle to left tackle. Are you comfortable at that position?
"I am just getting used to it because right tackle is a lot different from left tackle. I am trying to get adjusted to the footwork, which shouldn't take long. As far as the plays go and calls go, I'm pretty down pat with that."

What does offensive line coach John Hevesy like that you are doing at the position?
"Right now it is camp so he doesn't like anything right now (laugh). But he's always on me technique-wise. He'll pull me off to the side and tell me what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong. He's always in my ear because he has high expectations not just for me but the entire offensive line."

When he is in your ear telling you what he likes what are the things that he is telling you?
"If I pass set he will be like 'I love the pass set but I just hate your hands.' That is coaching. Every coach does that."

You are one of the veterans on the offensive line. What are the things that you are telling the young guys to help them prepare for their careers?
"I tell them to listen and take coaching. B.J. Hammond, at practice yesterday, was kind of down after coach got in him about something. I told him his body language told a lot so he just needed to take coaching and listen. I told him it would make his years go by better if he did that."

I get the feeling that you are comfortable being a leader. Am I correct in saying that?
"Yeah, I try to be one of those guys who, when all of the other guys get through jumping on them, they can come to me. I'm more of a calm leader, one of those after-the-fact leaders. I will just talk to them and try to get their spirits back up."

What is your height and weight now?
"6-6, 305 when I weighed today."

Is that a comfortable weight for you?
"Yeah, a lot of it is muscle so I can still move with it. I still have a little bit of speed left from when I played tight end."

It seems like there are always question marks about the offensive line. You guys are so important for an offense. How you go is how the offense goes. What are your thoughts about this year's offensive line?
"We, as a group, the five or ten guys that we will take on the road, just need to be one. We have a heck of a quarterbacks, a heck of a receiver corps, and we are so deep at running back. It is just left up to the offensive line. We are going to use this training camp to focus on playing together because we have a lot of guys who haven't played together. Devon Desper and Justin Senior got a lot of reps last year but I've never played beside Justin Malone."

What did you see during the summer when you guys were working out together that you liked from the group?
"Questions. A lot of younger guys and even the older guys weren't afraid to ask questions. When they ask questions you know that they want to learn. That is what I saw during the summer, the offensive line wanted to learn."

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