GPTV: National Top-50 Mario Kegler Visits MSU

GPTV: In this exclusive interview with 4-star basketball prospect Mario Kegler, Gene's Page talks to Kegler about his unofficial visit to Mississippi State Saturday afternoon.

You visited Mississippi State this afternoon. What was the visit like?
"I mean, the visit was great. Every time I come up here it is a great visit. Just talking to all the coaches and seeing how much they love me and how they want me to come here and play for them."

How did this visit happen?
"They actually contacted my (AAU) coach Omhar Carter. He came to me and asked me if I wanted to take the visit to Mississippi State."

You have visited Mississippi State quite a few times already. Why did you decide that you wanted to take the visit?
"It was Saturday and there wasn't much to do. And Mississippi State, I like the school, why not come up here and show love."

What new things did you learn while on your visit? We talked a little before this interview. They are trying to figure out how you fit in their program and you want to see how you fit as well. Was that one of the main things?
"Basically, they showed me film on how I play and how they play. So, basically, they showed me how I fit in with them and how they play."

What are your thoughts about that?
"I saw some things that they did that I do, too."

You've talked to Ben Howland before, haven't you?

What are your thoughts about him?
"I love Coach Howland. He is a great guy, a real up-tempo guy. I just love the energy that he brings to everything that he does."

What does it do for State as far as him being here?
"I think that he is going to turn Mississippi State around. They are going to come back good again."

Is there a possibility that you might be a part of that turnaround yourself?
"A possibility."

What schools do you have official visits set up with so far?
"Right now I have Indiana."

Have you thought about what other schools that you might visit?
"Not right now, I have not."

Would you say that Mississippi State might wind up being in that picture?
"They might, yes sir."

Who are some others that you might consider visiting? Name 5 of 10 that you might consider.
"Arizona State, Maryland, UCONN, there are a lot of them."

Ultimately, what are you looking for in a college?
"I really haven't thought about it. Wherever I go to I want a great coach that can get me to the league."

What do you know about Ben Howland and how he has sent guys to the league?
"He has a lot of them that are in the league."

Have you looked at the type guys that he has sent to the NBA?
"I have looked at a couple of them. That will be a big factor to me."

Does what he has developed fit the type player that you are?
"Yes sir, it does."

I guess overall you enjoyed your visit.
"I loved it, I loved it."

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