State Will Ring Up Cowbell Record

When Royal Oak, Michigan, held a weekend event to set the Guinness Book record for collective cowbell clanging, Mississippi State heard. And, has accepted the challenge.

The home of college football’s most resounding symbol is hosting the good Guinness Book of World Records folk 9:00 pm, September 10 to set this record aright. ‘Cowbell Yell’ is a standard feature of home season-opening weekends. But it takes on special emphasis this year.

When students and fans assemble at Davis Wade Stadium, cowbells are not only allowed but required, one per State soul. It is expected, more—many, many more--than the 1,021 formally figured by Guinness proctors in Royal Oak will raise their cowbells and ring up the record.

Of course there are sufficient cowbells outside Scott Field when Bulldogs arrive at home games to obliterate any record. Thousands and thousands are rung during games, if not always in tune with Southeastern Conference regulations of when and how long.

But the University cannot practically count cowbells in a game crowd. This event will be monitored by Guinness Book policies for group record-keeping requiring one proctor per fifty participants. Only Guinness Book can tally attendance and publish the final, official results.

Cowbell Yell precedes Mississippi State’s home- and SEC season-opening game with Louisiana State on Saturday. Last year over 12,000 turned out with no added incentive. This time the goal is for at least 15,000 to turn up and ring for a record.

For the unfamiliar, cowbells became the unofficial symbol of then-Mississippi A&M in the 1930s, a mocking response to dismissal of the school as a ‘cow college’. Today it is used by the athletic department in logos, promotions, and literature. By September 10, cowbells will be formally linked with Mississippi State in the Guinness Book.

They’ll hear the echoes beyond Michigan.

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