Adams Weighs In on Bulldog D

Entering his third college season, defensive lineman Nelson Adams has seen action in every game of his college career. Now a redshirt junior, Adams is looking to make some strides towards even more playing time. Bulldog defensive line boss David Turner likes to move Adams around depending on the down and distance. Adams reports he enjoys the change of scenery.

"The first two weeks of camp, I was just playing (defensive) tackle," Adams shared. "The past few days since the scrimmage, I have been playing some at end and tackle. I can play either one."

Adams recorded a pair of quarterback sacks last season, while playing defensive end. His first step has always been about gaining ground, which is why Adams reports he is comfortable at either spot.

"You have to know what you're doing and get a good pre-snap read," Adams said. "It's about studying film and knowing what to do. I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of both positions right now, so I am ready to play wherever Coach Turner puts me."

In addition to sharpening his own saw, Adams has also had to help his younger brother, Fletcher Adams, become more comfortable as a college student athlete.

"It's been a real learning experience for both of us," Adams said. "I am just trying to keep him focused on learning the plays. You have to study a lot of film and I worked with him on that. I am working with him to be sure that he knows what to do and how to do it the right way."

Like all freshmen, the younger Adams has missed an assignment or lost a rep that he should have won. When those times come, the older brother in Nelson comes out.

"I just give him a look and that's all it takes," Adams said. "He knows then that he needs to do better than that. I don't have to even say anything. He knows. If I give him a certain look, he knows what to do.

"He has been doing pretty well though. He's going hard and showing a lot of energy on the field."

While Adams has some game day experience, he is working hard to increase his on the field snaps. As the countdown to to the season opener closes in on two weeks, Adams reports that he is pushing to have a more prominent role in the rotation on the defensive line.

"I am just playing it how it comes," Adams said. "That's one of the best things about playing for Coach Turner. You never know when your number is going to be called and at what position for guys like me and A.J. (Jefferson) and a couple of other guys who can play end and tackle.

"It's mainly just about being ready, because you know your time is going to come soon."

The Bulldogs graduated some talented players last fall on the defensive line, but Adams reports that the players who worked on the '1B' defense are ready to take on more responsibility.

"I feel like everybody is doing pretty well so far," Adams said. "I have been playing some at tackle behind Chris (Jones) and Nick (James). Braxton (Hoyett) and Cory (Thomas) have been getting a lot of work there too. We all just need to stay together and keep working and we're going to be fine. Everybody just needs to stay focused."

While Adams has done his best to show the college craft to his younger brother and upstart freshmen who are preparing for their first action, the talented junior has stayed focused on his own development.

"I feel like I am getting a lot better with my hands," Adams shared. "I am just trying to play a lot stronger and do what I am asked to do when Coach Turner asks me to do it.

"I am working to get everything down with the new defense. There is a lot more movement this year. Last year, we played a lot of base defense where we just sit and play in our gaps. Now there is more movement and more pressure. We're a lot more aggressive."

Talking season is winding down and walking season is set to begin the first Saturday in September. Adams reports that some of the doubt about his football team has kept him focused on the task at hand.

"All of that is a little motivation for us, but at the same time I don't really worry about that too much," Adams said. "They basically picked us in the same spot last year and that didn't mean too much. I don't let any of that bother me."

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