ScoutNow: Heavy Duty For Chris Jones

What makes Chris Jones such a fun interview is how this Dog doesn’t always respond as expected.

Take his playful response to a film crew making a (natural) mistake of asking his post-football ambition. “Be a fat TV announcer,” Jones grinned. He wasn’t really joking, either. When the games finally end, weight-watching will stop too.

For now, college football folk will watch Jones carry his weight on Mississippi State’s defensive line. The junior interior tackle is central to 2015 schemes, as well as targeted for all-star honors and mentioned as a potential early NFL entry.

Jones dismisses this story line. “The NFL draft is not an important thing for me this year. I just want to play hard and reach my potential.”

Unlimited potential. Though he’d rather be at end, Jones’ 305 pounds, quick feet, and wingspan present miss-matchup possibilities. Plus, Jones has new defensive coordinator Manny Diaz to create more opportunities for havoc.

“Coach Diaz kind of frees us up, he utilizes the d-line a lot more,” Jones said. “You’re going to have a lot of one-on-one blocks, I always love that. Plus, I’m going to be playing some end, too.”

Yep, Jones will never give up his campaign to play at the end of the line as he did in 2013 as a freshman. At least moving inside allowed more margin for, umm, muscle? “Playing against the big boys inside I had to put on some weight.” This from a fellow who played prep ball at 260.

Now he packs NFL pounds and carries heavyweight expectations into this junior season. “I always think I’m ready for that. You have to expect things like that. When you expect it and believe in yourself, then nothing can stop you.”

Just get that studio seat ready—and reinforced.

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