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Brown in Depth Chart Battle

With two years of college experience under his belt, junior Fred Brown now finds his name at the top of the depth chart. Heading into the 2015 football season, Brown has worked his way into a starting role. After 299 yards and a pair of touchdowns last year, Brown is ready for more of the Bulldog work load.

"Things have been going pretty good for me so far this year," Brown said. "I came out every day during camp and back during the spring and I just tried to get better every day. This summer, I spent a lot of time running routes with Dak (Prescott). We all worked hard this summer, me, Bear (De'Runnya Wilson) and Fred Ross got everything together. We worked hard to get all of our routes down and improve on our connection and timing."

Brown reports that the Bulldog passers showed some real strides this summer. While Prescott returns as the incumbent starter, Brown reports that he saw a much more polished pass from #15 during the summer workouts.

"This year, Dak is a different quarterback," Brown grinned. "People already know that he can run it. He threw it pretty well last year, but this year he is throwing the ball even better. He is putting the ball in tight spots and showing a stronger arm. He can put the ball where we are the only ones who can catch it.

"On the deep ball, Dak is throwing the ball out and over our heads where we can catch it away from the DB. He is doing a great job with that. We are all just working to keep building."

Building is an interesting word when one considers the Mississippi State wide receiving corps. That personnel group features a collection of what some consider generational talent. Coach Billy Gonzales appears to have several talented options this fall.

 "I feel like the sky is the limit for this group," Brown said. "Me, Bear and Fred Ross are the starters right now. Donald Gray, Joe Morrow and Gabe Myles are in the next group and Malik Dear is in there some too.

"We have a lot of speed, size, physical ability and a lot of guys who can get open. It's a really talented group. Anybody can play at any time and make big plays. We have a lot of confidence in each other."

With so many talented players at the wide receiver position, some of the battles for the starting nod continued into the final week of camp. Brown reports that the process made him a better football player.

"I love the competition every day," Brown said. "We all make each other better. It all comes down to whoever Coach wants to start. I hope it's me, but it's really about all of working hard to get better everyday. We're all going to have to make plays.

"We're still competing and we're helping each other get better. We have been working to get better on releases and route running and things like that. We just want to help each other get oen between defenders."

Fred Brown and his teammates are eager to hit the road to Hattiesburg this week. Game week is finally here and the Bulldogs are preparing to show that their actual bite if far worse than their perceived bark.

"Whenever my number is called, I want to go make that big play that coach needs," Brown said. "It's about competitive excellence now.  When those opportunities come, I want to be able to make those plays. 

"We all do. We're ready to go make some plays and ready to get the season started. I am excited about Saturday. We all are."

Ther Bulldogs kick off the season Saturday Night at 9 PM on FoxSports 1. Mississippi State is a heavy favorite in the contest, but most who follow Southern Miss expect a much more competitive game than last season's 49-0 affair in Starkville. 

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