ScoutNow: Tracking The NFL Rookie Dogs

College football finally kicks off this week. But the professionals are only a week behind, and while Mississippi State fans await Saturday night they are also following former Bulldogs seeking roster spots for Sundays.

Of all the latest Mississippi State alumni now battling to stay on preseason rosters and avoid the axe this seek, a particular two are being tracked. Defensive end Preston Smith is getting good reviews with Washington, and proving skeptics were wrong asking if after playing college ball in a 4-3 scheme he could adapt to the 3-4 professional set.

Smith is making plays just fine at the end of a shorter line, and reports are he will find a place in the rotation with his pass-rush prowess.

But it is another Bulldog that fans learned to love in college. For that matter the college football world became fond of Josh 'Bowling Ball' Robinson when his life story was told last fall. Having lost his mother at age 12 in Lousiana, and later often sleeping in his car parked under the high school stadium, Robinson became a 1,200-yard rusher with the Bulldogs.

Now Robinson is trying to stay with Indianapolis, though a concussion suffered over the weekend has put his prospects in jeopardy. But with his low body build, shiftiness in traffic, a burst of speed, and maybe best of all a willingness to block the biggest defenders, sure there will be a franchise that also falls in love with the Bulldog Bowling Ball.

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