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Class of 2017 RHP/OF Tyler Gentry

Arlington (TN) High School class of 2017 right-hand pitcher/outfielder Tyler Gentry talks with Gene's Page about attending the Mississippi State baseball camp and what colleges are recruiting him.

Why do you attend a camp like this Mississippi State camp?
"To get better, get noticed and try to make myself work hard and see what the competition is like."

Have you attended any other camps?
"No, I've mostly been playing basketball."

Do you plan on attending any other camps this fall?
"I'm not sure. I'll have to see what my dad's schedule is to see if it can be worked out."

Describe yourself as a player, your strengths and things you are still working to improve?
"I'm trying to get better at staying consistent with my mechanics. I can also hit pretty consistently when I stay within myself."

What is your velocity off the mound and from the outfield?
"Off the mound, I am probably in the high 80s right now and from the outfield I am in the low 90s."

What position do you play in the outfield?
"Mostly right and center field."

You must have pretty good speed if you play center field?
"Yes sir, I ran a 6.6 here."

Recruiting-wise, what schools are showing interest in you?
"Ole Miss, Louisiana Tech, Vanderbilt, Arkansas and Mississippi State."

Have you received any offers yet?
"Yes sir, Louisiana Tech."

What do the schools that are recruiting you like about you? I know you have a strong arm, power bat and really good speed.
"Pretty much all of that. I also have pretty good grades, too."

I have a feeling pretty good means better than just pretty good. What kind of grades do you have?
"I have a 4.3 gpa. I take advance classes."

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