Mississippi State Officially Earns Guinness Standard

Maybe the echoes will have faded by game day. Or, maybe not. What won’t fade soon is the next Guinness World Records text, the part listing the most cowbells rung at one time, one place.

That standard now belongs of course to Mississippi State. Officially. While anyone familiar with Bulldog football knows the proud, and unique, place cowbells hold in Mississippi State hearts, the official Guinness record belonged for years to an address in Switzerland.

But when a Michigan city announced plans to set that record in August, well, Mississippi State folk noticed. And asked, why not the home and heart of cowbells own this record? So Cowbell Yell was set for September 10 at Davis Wade Stadium, the Guinness folk contacted and contracted, and fans told to show up.

They did.

The final count by Guinness was 5,748, over five times what was rung in Michigan last month. The strict Guinness accounting policies took time to get the exact number. Yet even before all was tallied a plaque was presented to Dr. Mark Keenum by the Guinness representative.

The accompanying video is of the record-setting, a required 30-second ringing by all counted individuals witnessed by some 420 employed proctors to monitor sections of DWS.

No proctors will be in the stands Saturday evening when #25 Mississippi State hosts #14 Louisiana State. And it is safe to say there will be even more cowbells present. Unofficially, of course.

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