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No More Mr. One-Yard-Line For State Receiver After Two Touchdown Day

At least now everyone will be having fun with him, not about him. Because Gabe Myles has finally scored a college touchdown.

“It felt really good, just to finally get in there,” said Myles after his two-touchdown day against Northwestern State. “And the jokes will stop with me.”

Now understand. The humor at Myles’ expense was always of classic locker-room style. It had to do with a couple of 2014 cases where Mississippi State’s sophomore receiver came within a stride, or less, of reaching a goal line.

Something always got in Myles way at the literal last moment. Ballplayers being ballplayers, the quips were sure to come. Even from his head coach.

“I think he has the career record for being tackled on the one-yard line without scoring touchdowns,” Dan Mullen said. Smiling, of course. “And he scores twice! Receiving and rushing, how about that?”

Indeed, how about that? Myles came out of Saturday with a pair of receptions for 58 yards with one touchdown. Then he was able to add 15 more yards on two totes with another six points. Oh, and for good measure Myles returned a kickoff 38 yards and fielded a couple of punts as well.

Nobody anticipated everything the receiver/runner/returner would do on Saturday. But making plays? Teammates were prophetic in Friday night’s talks.

“You’re number is going to be called, you’re going to end up on ESPN,” Myles said they said. They were right.

It didn’t take too long to break the barrier either. After using RB Ashton Shumpert to pound out four fast snaps for 26 yards to midfield, QB Dak Prescott called for somebody else to target. Myles figured quickly, he had his chance.

“I saw the defense and said I’m going to be open.”

Sure enough, shooting down the right-slot Myles curled inside coverage and was entirely open for Prescott’s pass around the 20-yard line. Myles did the rest himself untouched. Well, until he got to the State sideline that is. “The hugs, the slaps on the head would not stop.”

Myles didn’t stop either. Though a regular rotation of personnel would cut down his chances and let other receivers get their own balls, some of them touchdowns too, this Dog wasn’t done. Mid-way of the second quarter with first-and-goal at the six-yard line, Myles motioned back towards Prescott for the handoff and dash around end. Yeah, how about that?

Mullen couldn’t resist more fun, especially about the first Myles touchdown play. “Everybody kind of picks on him. I saw him catch it and said don’t trip, don’t trip, oh he’s going to fall on the one!” OK, maybe the coach wasn’t entirely joking about that.”
Mississippi State is serious about using all Myles’ sophomore skills. “It happened maybe last week or so, we’re going to get you in the end zone. And my thing is, when you give me the ball I’m going to make sure I catch it and we’re going to get in there.”

Besides, “God puts you in positions where you don’t fail,” Myles added. Which this day this Dog didn’t. Fail to score, that is. Myles never minded the humor…but he’s glad to be rid of the nickname coming with it.

“You’re not Mr. One-Yard Line. It just feels real good.”

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