Miss State, Auburn Meet In A September SEC Elimination Match

How close is Mississippi State from a four-season win streak against Auburn? Oh, about nine feet.

That is how close, or in Tiger eyes how far, Coach Dan Mullen’s Bulldogs were from scoring consecutive road victories. In 2011 quarterback Chris Relf was stopped inside the one-yard line to preserve Auburn’s home win. Then in 2013, quarterback Dak Prescott came up less than two yards from a first down which would have sealed a Mississippi State upset. Instead Auburn got the ball back with juste enough seconds left for the winning drive.

Now the Bulldogs are back in town, with Prescott again calling the cadence. And, with Mullen still seeking his first road win in the series. His teams have taken the last two home games, and in decisive style too. Yet his three trips to Auburn have only resulted in frustrations. Does the story line change in 2015?

What will dramatically change Saturday is one team’s ambitions. State and Auburn both are 0-1 SEC, each with a loss to LSU. The survivor can keep Western Division ambitions; the loser ends September in a huge hole.

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