Bulldog Rookie On A Special Teams Roll, Wants More Snaps At Safety

Sure, he was a confident kid coming out of high school...but college football is an entirely different world. That's why Jamal Peters spent his entire preseason uncertain what the freshman fall would bring.

"I thought I was getting redshirted," Peters admitted. "Before Coach Mullen said I was going to be playing. When he put me on (the travel roster), I was shocked!"

Not as shocked as a few kickoff return men have been to meet Peters. Because just three games into his college career, Peters is making his name as a kicking team killer. He was lined-up on the outside of Mississippi State's very first play this 2015 season in fact, and got downfield in time to make immediate contact at Southern Mississippi.

Since then Peters has found his way into tackles and assists regularly. But now after a chance to play the primary position he was signed for, safety, the gifted rookie only wants more. Which should have receivers and runners getting antsy, watching out for #12.

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