State Receiver Looks for Another Productive Game Against Aggies

He's already had two excellent performances in this rivalry. Now, De'Runnya Wilson needs to raise his game even higher in a third test against Texas A&M.

In his first two matchups with Aggie defenses, the Bulldog wearing #1 has indeed been number-one target. Wilson has come away with eleven catches in those games, for 147 yards and a couple of touchdowns. Two of those scores were thrown by Dak Prescott, one each in 2013 and '14. The throw-and-catch pair are back in College Station for a rubber match with Texas A&M.

The host Aggies are unbeaten on the season and ranked #14. Mississippi State is back in the polls at #21, and coming off one SEC West road victory after beating Auburn. Now the Bulldogs turn to the other end of the Division to face another and even more-explosive spread offense.

And offense will surely be the order of the day. Since this became a SEC rivalry, the Bulldogs and Aggies have managed to average 162 combined snaps in their meetings...not counting kicking plays or penalties. It sets up as another four-hour offensive epic with whoever scores last likely coming out the winner. Or survivor.

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