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Florence, Alabama linebacker Erroll Thompson reports that he is still solid with Mississippi State

Mississippi State slipped across state lines and picked up a big commitment from Florence, Alabama standout linebacker Erroll Thompson. Several programs have concluded their pursuit of Thompson, while a trio of others remain in contact. For now, Thompson is focusing his efforts on his senior season.

"Things have been going pretty good," Thompson said. "We're 2-3 and I wish we had a better record, but I think we're right where we need to be right now. I feel like personally, I am playing pretty good. I can still do more to help the team and I am working hard to do that."

Mississippi State recruited Thompson to play linebacker and it appears that a middle linebacker spot may be in the future. Thompson's growth patterns will determine where he cuts his college teeth, but right now outside linebacker seems to be where is needed the most. 

"I have been playing mostly at Will," Thompson said. "I like it out there. I am pretty comfortable playing inside or outside, but I feel like I am playing pretty good at Will. I am open to whatever the team needs though."

The Bulldogs have hosted prospects on two different dates this season, but Thompson was unable to make either game. The three star standout reports that he plans to return to Starkville for a game day experience later this month.

"I went to one Alabama game, but that's the only game I have been to this year," Thompson said. "I have been tied up most weekends, but I am definitely going over to Mississippi State when they play Troy. I am excited about that."

While the talented linebacker has not seen the Bulldogs in person, Thompson has spent some time watching his future team on television.

"I have watched the play every chance I got," Thompson said. "We spotted LSU two touchdowns, but then the defense played well and Dak (Prescott) did his thing. I felt like we should have won the game. Nobody has even come close to playing LSU as good as we did. 

"I watched them play against Auburn and the defense played great. You can tell that they are figuring some things out. They didn't give up a touchdown against Auburn and it's always tough to win on the road. Dak did his thing again. I feel like that game was the best game they've played this season. I am excited to see how they play this week against Texas A&M."

A trio of college programs have continued to recruit Thompson despite his commitment to the Bulldogs, but the Alabama prepster reports that he has had no second thoughts about his decision.

"Alabama, Arkansas and Michigan are all still in touch with me," Thompson said. "They're staying in touch with me in case something changes, but I am solid with Mississippi State. Coach (Dan) Mullen don't have to worry about me. I'm coming."

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